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Our mission

To design and create jewellery that exceeds our customer's expectations in quality, value, and service.


Our values

100% Customer Satisfaction
Great Product Variety
Highest Quality
Enviromentally Friendly



My name is Fiona, mother of one beautiful daughter and founder of A Touch of Gems. I have spent over 20 years delightfully immersed in the radiance and creativity of jewellery design. From pearl and diamond grading to gem studies, I have had the pleasure of working throughout the industry – and the world. 

Gems are the jewels of the earth. Like us, each precious stone has a history and unique characteristics. Whether you’re marking happy moments and memories or benefiting from the meanings behind each gem, our jewellery is made to nourish and celebrate. Choose from our popular range or work with our designer to custom make a piece that is as original as you